Practical Modules

The 7 practical modules cover following thematic main focuses:



01 – Walls (Exterior and interior insulation)

- Exterior walls insulated with exterior systems – focusing on thermal insulating systems fixed at the walls outer surface

- Exterior walls insulated from inside (interior insulation) – focusing on vapor diffusion open constructions including wall heating

- Interior walls – low priority chapter, covering wall systems from renewable resources (e.g. wood fibre plates)

02 – Ceiling (especially the top floor ceiling)

- Top Floor Ceiling – focusing on thermal insulation between unheated roof section and heated living space

- Intermediate Ceiling – focusing on acoustic insulation

- Basement Ceiling – focusing on themal insulation between heated living space and unheated cellar space

03 – Roof

- Steep Roof – focusing on thermal insulation of heated roof compartments

- Flat Roof – focusing on thermal insulation and water proof construction

04 – Floor Construction

The selected case-studies only refer to insulated floor constructions above the ground (no contact to basement). Space above the ground is heated.

05 – Foundations

- Strip Foundation – focusing on thermal perimeter insulation and alternative solutions beside reinforced concrete

- Foundation Plate – focusing on retrofit insulation of existing elements

06 – Surfaces (Plaster, paint, etc.)

- Plaster (exterior / interior) – with special reference to reinforcement materials

- Paint (exterior / interior) - focusing on energysaving products

- Other Surfaces

07 – Windows and Doors

- Windows – focusing on renewable materials and air tightness

- Doors

- Conservatories

Some typical examples will be shown according to special solutions combining windows and doors