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Knowledge Database



The knowledge database is primarily consisting of case-studies (constructions) that were taken from various best-practice examples (already renovated buildings). A total of about 20 such best-practice projects with different insulation materials used in the respective components have been examined in order to come to a large number of comparable case-studies.

It is also a wide range of different fields of application of renewable resources are covered. The classification is according to building types:

  • barns
  • single-family residential homes
  • multiple-storey buildings
  • exceptional buildings

Some of the buildings are listed (german: unter Denkmalschutz) and therefore have to follow special regulations within the thermal retrofit.


Constructions (building components)

Case-studies are investigated in a variety of component solutions each using renewable resources. Particular attention focuses on following components:

  • Roof
  • Ceiling (esp. top floor ceiling)
  • Walls (exterior and interior insulation)
  • Floor constructions
  • Foundations
  • Surfaces

Therefore, the structures of various constructions and materials are compared, evaluated and commented on topics like thermal conductivity, vapor diffusion, air proof construction and the practical implementation.