The e-learning platform gives trainees mobile access to essential basic content of all theory modules (a total of 5 categories).
The advantage of the platform: On the basis of handouts, theme videos (lectures of 15 - 30 minutes in length) and subsequent interactive questionnaires, the trainees learn to know - by their own pace - the individual topic areas. Using the integrated forum, questions and suggestions with other students and the e-learning tutors can be discussed.

Here's a short video showing clips from the Theory Module 2.3 - Acoustic Insulation and Fire Safety (only available in german)



The main chapters on the platform fit to the structure of the theory modules, developed in the project (see below). Indicated are also the respective sub-chapters in the current version.

TM 1 - Ecological Restoration concepts and economic analysis
Chapter 1.1 - Examples of ecological restoration with renewable resources
Chapter 1.2 - Principles of ecological restoration
Chapter 1.3 - Economic considerations (long and short term)

TM 2 - Building Physics and Assessment of the building's original status
Chapter 2.1 - Thermal insulation
Chapter 2.2 - Humidity (vapor diffusion)
Chapter 2.3 - Acoustic insulation and fire protection
Chapter 2.4 - Assessment of the building's original status

TM 3 - Resources, materials and products
Chapter 3.1 - Introduction to ecological products in the construction industry
Chapter 3.2 - Insulation materials made ​​from renewable resources
Chapter 3.3 - Building materials made ​​from renewable and recyclable resources

TM 4 - Construction and Detail
Chapter 4.1 - Comparison of constructions / component catalog
Chapter 4.2 - Basis of detailed planning of thermal retrofit
Chapter 4.3 - Examples of ecological detailed planning of thermal retrofit

TM 5 - Insulation Standards and Calculations
Chapter 5.1 - Insulation Standards and Calculations
Chapter 5.2 - Enhanced Training and cooperation


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