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IHT - Institute of Building Construction and Technology (TU Vienna)

The Institute tests and develops in co-operation with the industry new materials and examines conventional materials concerning their use and build-practical characteristics. Both theory (Science) and research are done in the experiment- and laboratory halls on the area called Aspanggr├╝nde; that means in particular testing of high performance concrete, composite and fibre materials, but also in addition to natural building materials such as clay and straw. The area for building materials covers not only new buildings, in the last few years we also focused on existing building reorganization. From wood, steel, aggregates, up to plasters, synthetic materials and binding materials there is hardly any material which cannot be tested on its compression behavior, temperature behavior, composition, consistency, appropriateness, economy and long-term behavior. IHT will be mainly responsible for the testing of quality and ensuring high quality of building materials and constructions of the prototypes and demonstration buildings. Furthermore the university department will contribute to the training program and knowledge database.

Technical University Vienna
Karlsplatz 13/206

A-1040 Vienna

Tel.: +43 (0) 158801-20101
Fax: +43 (0) 158801-20199