Project management - GrAT - Center for Appropriate Technology

It is one of the major challenges of today's research to develop sustainable, energy-efficient and emission-free technologies and systems, and it is the focus of GrAT who proactively develops solutions for this task since 1986. Many national and international projects and innovations were developed in the following areas:

  • Passive house and low-energy building technology
  • Strawbale building
  • Renewable Resources (NAWARO)
  • Efficient and self-sufficient energy systems
  • Product Service Systems (PSS)
  • Ecodesign


An example of this approach is the internationally known and very popular demonstration building S-HOUSE in Böheimkirchen, a straw bale insulated house that illustrates the functionality of building materials from renewable raw materials and energy-efficient technologies (biomass stove, solar energy, etc.). Innovative uses for natural fiber composites (eg, the "Treeplast screw") were developed specifically for this building. The high resource and energy efficiency of the S-HOUSE, in conjunction with modern architectural language of GrAT already brought many national and international awards.


GrAT as well developed the certification (Austrian Technical Approval) for straw bales as insulation material ("S-HOUSE bale").


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