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BMA - Beziehungsmanagement Austria Verein und Co. KG

The reciprocal effect between the materials (chemical and physical kind) is hardly considered in the today’s building method and leads therefore to quality loss and problems during the use and with the disposal of buildings and/or the assigned building materials. All of this affects health and well-being negatively. The concept “faster and cheaper” has its price and needs therefore a reasonable natural counterweight. The Bauinnovation Austria (BIA) concerns itself with the revitalization of old buildings and ecologically and building-biologically high-quality reorganization systems and has developed mineral plaster further.
The plaster from nature-hydraulic lime (NHL plaster) and NHL bonding agent, which is offered from the Bauinnovation Austria, were examined by the MPA Stuttgart Otto Graf Institut (study at present in the final version). The bonding agent NHL carries the certificate UNIVERSITY OF EN 459-1. All finished plaster are CE-certified.
Likewise the BIA has experiences in the use of reed as insulating material and plaster base. Reed insulated old buildings were already implemented. However there is no system inspection for reed products as building material. One goal of BIA therefore is to inform architects and planners about the possibility with nature building materials, to contribute in the development of new products and to pass this knowledge to processors. The renovation academy can take over latter point, by whose establishment Mr. Ruhdorfer was considerably involved. Comprehensive know-how and experiences is held BIA also with regard to renovation concepts for old buildings in particular for houses standing under monument protection. Mr. Ruhdorfer offers with his enterprise the reorganization of old buildings with high-quality building materials from the concept creation and planning up to execution.

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