The Project - Background

The project is based on the LIFE Environment Project S-HOUSE (, which
was awarded the LIFE "Best Project Award 2006-2007", and other projects of GrAT (Center
for Appropriate Technology) undertaken in the area "Building with sustainable materials from
renewable resources" (
Through funding, which was made possible through the LIFE+ program of the European
Union, as well as the co-financing partners BMVIT, BMLUW and Kommunalkredit Public
Consulting, the project was launched officially in 2010.
The main objective was from the beginning to show the potential of climate protection and
resource efficiency in the field of renovation. Therefore, also the constellation of the project
team was then matched exactly to convey the technical innovations to practitioners at the
construction sites and offices in a simple and effective way.
Experts in the field of building physics, structural engineering, building materials and
workmanship are part of the interdisciplinary pool of experts, in addition to the members of
the project consortium.
With instruments such as the knowledge base, an e-learning platform and training sites in
Lower and Upper Austria, an efficient variant of "blended learning" is implemented: the
combination of online courses and seminars / training sessions on site and in the classroom.
If you want to learn more about the background of the project, we recommend a visit to the S-
HOUSE, which is part of the teaching site of Lower Austria. Guided tours and individual events can be arranged.

Find out more about the teaching site of Lower Austria (S-House)